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Divorce mediation and coaching
Divorce mediation and coaching
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We specialize in facilitating peaceful resolutions through divorce mediation, while also providing personalized coaching to navigate the emotional and practical challenges of the divorce process. Thus helping you to pave you and your family's path to your healthy future.

Divorce coaching and mediation


Divorce brings about a rollercoaster of emotions - sadness, anger, disbelief, denial, and grief. These emotional ups and downs vary in intensity and form. Amidst this tumultuous journey, there's one factor within your control - your own response and coping mechanisms.


Positioning yourself for a successful transition involves having access to skilled professionals who can aid you in preparing for the challenges ahead and steering you towards your improved self. Why does this hold significance? Because when you find yourself entrenched in the difficulties of divorce, it becomes incredibly arduous to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel, let alone recognize the immediate opportunities.


We collaborate with both parties, though the bulk of our sessions focus on individual consultations. This approach aims to mitigate the inevitable tensions, thereby facilitating a smoother divorce process.


Healthy Future Divorce sessions encompass various aspects like financial disclosure, equitable property division, support negotiation, and effective co-parenting strategies. What sets us apart from other divorce firms is our unique emphasis on personal development. This aspect serves as a guiding light, helping you maintain a positive trajectory through the divorce journey and the subsequent phase of your life.


Our goal is to aid you in untangling your intertwined lives while repurposing your relationship and helping you to move towards redefining and maintaining your family unit and progressing towards a healthy future.


We are committed to cost savings. We offer a set fee based on information that you provide. There are no concealed charges or additional expenses.

The Healthy Future Divorce approach proves to be MUCH MORE economical than divorces overseen by legal representation, and/or court procedures.

Our divorce procedure typically spans 90 to 120 days. In contrast, divorces managed by lawyers often extend from 3 to 5 years. Both the emotional and financial toll of divorce are significantly less with Healthy Future Divorce.



  • Short term financial plans

  • Short term parenting plans

  • Financial clarity

  • Clarity regarding child support calculations

  • Negotiations that result in property division and spousal support

  • A parenting plan and schedule that is child centered – we are promoters of healthy engaged parenting

  • A process that includes a separation agreement draft, followed by a legally binding separation agreement

  • Weekly/bi-weekly conversations with our divorce coach to help you navigate the inevitable emotions surrounding separation and divorce

  • Weekly/bi-weekly conversations with our mediators that provide financial insight and clarity for today and tomorrow

  • Independent legal advice that ensures your separation agreement protects each of you

  • Access to a list of outside resources such as child psychologists, tax lawyers, realtors, accountants, etc.

Contact us today to book your free 30 minute  introductory  consultation.


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